How to Make Slime that Helps Students Focus

How to Make Slime that Helps Students Focus

Your students will love using this slime during test time!

Supplies Needed

• 147 ml. Elmer’s Glow in the Dark Glue
• 258 ml. Elmer's Magical Liquid
• Bowl
• Mixing utensils
• Measuring spoons
• Clear balloons


  1. Pour the entire bottle of Elmer’s Glow in the Dark Glue into a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of Magical Liquid and mix well. Then add 1 more tablespoon of Magical Liquid and mix. You will notice the mixture becoming harder to mix and slime begins to form.
  2. Take the slime out and begin kneading it with both hands. If needed/too sticky, add a little magical liquid (1/2 tablespoon) at a time to get desired feel of slime.
  3. Stretch apart the opening of a balloon, and put about 2 tablespoons of slime inside. Tie the balloon so it’s secure.
  4. You can make just a few or enough for your entire class. Let your students use the Focus Slime as you see fit!
  5. Lower the lights for the ultimate glow in the dark fun.

*Adult supervision is required; this project is not appropriate for children under the age of 3 years. Thoroughly wash your hands before and after making and playing with slime.